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La Asociación Melillense de Estudiantes Universitarios AMEU (University Students Association of Melilla, AMEU) is a non-governmental organization that was created in 2004 in Melilla, a Spanish city in North Africa. We have legal recognition of the Spanish government and the government of Melilla.
We create the association with the aim of promoting youth participation, education, multiculturalism, European sentiment and development opportunities of Melilla. Our main asset is our members and our experience.
AMEU have participated in 3 youth exchanges, 2 training courses… and we have organized directly 4 projects in Melilla. We have brought to Melilla 50 people from Portugal, Italy, Romania and various regions of Spain to our projects.
The Spanish National Agency of “Youth in Action” gave us an award for making the best youth project in Spain in 2010.
You also can visit the webs of same of our projects:

These are some of the pictures of the activities and initiatives that have developed from the Association: